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Best Car Lease Finance

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Car lease finance is a great option for anyone who needs a car for employees or business use, or who lacks the finances to make an upfront payment on purchasing a car for their business.

Many however fail to see the point of car lease finance and point out that all that money is essentially ‘wasted’ as they have nothing to show for it at the end of the loan. Of course everyone hires cars when going on holiday and this makes a lot of sense as a way to get around the area you’re visiting and avoid understanding public transport systems in a foreign language. Leasing a car rather than owning one however is a different matter, and one that not everyone fully understands as after a significant amount of time they could likely have almost purchased the car themselves. However this is a rather short sighted view, as a car lease finance saves a lot of money in other ways too.

With a car lease finance you save yourself money on tax, on insurance (if it’s a good loan) and on depreciation. If you don’t have much capital to invest in a new car, then chances are you’d likely buy an old car with a lot of miles. That means that you can expect to pay for a car that has been well used in the past. Add to this tax and insurance (often you do pay insurance, but it’s provided by the car lease finance company and included as one payment for a cheaper price) and you’re looking at up to six months before your leased car has really made a dent in what you would pay for a new car – not counting the cost of the car itself even – and of course none of this money has anything to ‘show for it’ at the end either.

This becomes particularly important when you only need the car for a short period of time. If you just need the vehicle for a few months, then you’ll find that buying a car of your own, even second hand, is much more expensive and a lot more hassle and really isn’t worth it if you intend to sell or scrap the car at the end of the same time period.

A car lease finance has another bonus too – in that by saving money on not buying the car or paying for the insurance you’ll be able to choose a far nicer and newer vehicle than you otherwise would be able to. Drive around in a Mercedes and you’ll get a lot of looks, and no one will need to know it’s not yours. Of course if you want to cut the price even more you can hire an older car and pay less.

Looking for the best deal on your car lease finance then is important and there are a lot of things you need to consider before you sign a contract. First of all make sure that as stated above you won’t be paying any bills yourself. Good car lease finance companies will cover you on the insurance or provide it themselves for a cheaper price and should obviously cover tax and servicing. Of course you will likely also want to look into the exact vehicles they have on offer, and if you’re going to be using the car for an extended period of time you will want to have a test drive to ensure you like it – just as you would with a car you owned.

Of course you also need to look into rates and premiums, so check the competition and look at price comparison websites before you make a decision. Many of these allow you to enter your details and then bring up the best option for you to ensure that you get a deal that suits you and your budget.