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Use Seller Financing to Generate Passive Income

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Seller financing is especially advantageous to first time home buyers, or to buyers who are having a difficult time getting a conventional loan. It is a good idea for buying Dallas investment property, as the interest rates are generally lower, and there is no hassling with financial institutions. Sell or refinance anytime without prepayment penalties. We encourage you to build your credit and refinance for an even lower payment. Sellers that do a fair amount of owner financing tend to like to make it more of a standardized process. These sellers of owner financed homes typically will take the current going 30 year fixed rate and put a spread on it.

Sellers want a fast closing with little hassle. Sellers also want to pay as little taxes as possible on the gains incurred. Sellers are anxious to sell; and in a sluggish real estate market, owner-financing is an attractive alternative to losing money while properties sit vacant. Otherwise, homes can remain on the market for years with owners either making mortgage payments out of pocket or renting. Sellers may consider 100% owner financing or partnering with the right buyer of Dallas investment property for a win/win outcome.

When sellers offer seller financing to buyers, they in effect make it easier for buyers to purchase the property thus enhancing buyer interest. In these times, sellers should be helping buyers buy the property which is in sharp contrast to the opinion expressed by some sellers that financing shouldn’t be a seller’s concern. There are cases where sellers help in contributing 6% of the sales price which facilitates first time buyers’ completion on the sale of their first investment property.

One of the key advantages of seller financing is that sellers and buyers are spared the rigors of dealing with a financial institution and hence there are hardly any problems in facilitating the sale. In the normal course, buyers can get as much as 50-60% financing, with a lower interest rate and a much longer amortization period. But the sellers must be aware of various rules and regulations like by-laws, insurance policies and budgets and also rules and regulations which could be reviewed by lending underwriters. There has to also be a knowledge that the property’s master association should allow a sale in the first place, or else the sale cannot occur.

In seller financing, the property is vested in the name of the seller till such time as the buyer makes good the payments and has the grant bargain, sale deed or such device transferred into his/her name. In other words, in some cases of seller financing, the buyer assumes the seller’s mortgage while the loan is assumed by the buyer. Most sellers would like to pay as little taxes on their capital gains and set up the interest on a balloon payment. They would not like to wait for 30 years or more to set a return on their Dallas investment property. This is one of the reasons why sellers are often interested in installment sales rather than a cash sale which is more traditional.